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Data Privacy & Website Use

Effective 24 April 2018

Privacy and Gathered Information 


This website provides a contact form for the convenience of prospective students and parents of minor children who wish to inquire about music lessons. The information gathered on this contact form is used only to make an initial assessment of your interest and to communicate with you about the services of the Guitar Academy of Southern Delaware and its instructors.

Any information you volunteer on a contact form, such as your name, email address, phone number, child's name and age, etc, is retained offline in a student file and used only for the purpose of communication about lessons and payments. This information is kept as business records for the time period required by law, then destroyed. Such detail is not requested online and thus does not exist in any online data base beyond simple name and email address.


Although the Guitar Academy of Southern Delaware can provide lessons for students with physical disabilities, no information about disabilities is collected by this website, and all such information should only be communicated with instructors offline in person.  The Academy does not provide any special treatments related to music or occupational therapy that would be considered a health care treatment, and as such is not a covered entity under HIPAA law.

Nonetheless, all student information is held as a sacred trust, and is never sold, given, traded or otherwise provided to any 3rd party merchants.  


About Browser / Analytic Cookies


This website's sitemap may have been submitted to Google Search Console for site ranking purposes in Google's search engine. Google uses computer code called cookies which can ascertain your general location, computer IP address, and type of device used (desktop / laptop / cell phone / tablet) for the purpose of tracking internet use by the general public. However, that information is not monitored by the Guitar Academy of Southern Delaware, nor by this website's designer or host. Your browser  -- whether Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, etc -- may track your browsing history. Neither the Academy nor this website's host, Wix, has access to your browser history.

This website's webhost, Wix, does gather and aggregate minimal non-identifying information such as which pages and blog posts are visited the most, at what time of day on which days, on which social media any pages or posts are shared, and which countries visitors are coming from. We cannot see your name, IP address, or city.


You are encouraged to check this disclosure on subsequent visits to this website for further information in the unlikely event that additional analytics software has been added.

Responsibility of the Website Visitor


When you visit this website you are solely responsible for any actions you choose to take, including activating any audio or video. Nothing on any web page or blog post should be construed as a guarantee or promise that by taking lessons from the Guitar Academy of Southern Delaware that you will reach the level of proficiency of any instructor or any other student of the Academy.



​Testimonials appearing on this website have been written by students or parents of students who knowingly and voluntarily supply personal data such as name and town / state of residence, along with a description of their experience with the Guitar Academy of Southern Delaware. Students and parents of young students have the right to use a pseudonym in testimonials in order to further protect their identity.

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