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Lessons and Consultations Via Skype

Lesson 6: Challenge your skills, Yngwie lick from Trilogy Suite! Exciting AMI fluid scale playing.

Consultation for

School Guitar Programs

Douglas offers private, 30 and 60 minute lessons, classes, or consultation via Skype. 

The musical focus or the subject matter of these sessions should be discussed briefly beforehand via email or phone. This will ensure your time will be used efficiently.


With such a vast knowledge of various musical styles and guitar technique, Douglas can help you take your playing to the next level!

Your first 15 minutes are FREE! This will ensure a good Skype connection and give us an opportunity to discuss your goals.


Call 302 -260 -1002 or email to arrange your first online meeting prior to making payment below.

Having successfully founded and directed a thriving, full time guitar program in a public school for many years, Douglas also is available for consultation with music educators who are developing guitar programs. 


Along with the answers needed to successfully direct a guitar program, you will gain access to Doug's private collection of unpublished arrangements and teaching materials/methods specifically designed for teaching guitar in a school setting.

Private Lesson or Consultation

30 minutes / $30

Private Lesson or Consultation

60 minutes / $60

Class: 2 or more students

60 minutes / $60

Thanks! Message sent.

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