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Commentary about Lesson 10 and AMI Scale Concepts

'AMI' scale playing utilizes the 'three note per string' scale playing concept. It is an advanced technique which synchronizes playing three notes on a string in the left hand with the fluid finger combination of 'AMI' in the right hand. Students should first proficiently learn basic two finger alternations and the tremolo technique before actively working on 'AMI' scales. This advanced scale technique is very effective for extremely rapid scales on fingerstyle acoustic guitar. A great way to learn this scale method, besides simply playing 'three note per string' scales ascending and descending, is to learn 'licks' from neoclassical electric guitar playing. This video is a commentary concluding series of videos I made on my YouTube channel comprised of 'licks' in progressive difficulty. I believe the style scale playing is the future of fast scale playing for fingerstyle guitar. It would be my pleasure to help you take your scale playing to the next level!

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