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Don't Stop Believin'-Journey: Arrangement Douglas Seth with Downloadable Arranging Tips

Fingerstyle guitar arrangements are a very fulfilling way to play a song because they include both the melody and the accompaniment. Without the melody, when we just play the chords many songs are barely recognizable. This is because the same handful of chords are used in most popular songs. Since the melody is being sung, most people identify with the lyrics and the melody being used with lyrics. This arrangement of the iconic song, Don't Stop Believin', is an advanced arrangement. Arrangements can be far more simple than this one and equally as rewarding. Download this PDF from a workshop I taught about arranging. It outlines the arranging process or at least one way of arranging for solo guitar. Arranging for solo guitar is one of my favorite things to do and I would love to help you learn to do it as well!

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