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The First Lessons Are the Most Important

The first lessons are the most important. This cannot be overstated enough. For children and adults alike, the first lessons will leave a lasting impression for years to come. It is a misconception to believe a beginner can get by with 'beginner teacher'. A beginner will just accumulate years of bad habits from taking lessons with a teacher who is not competent enough to teach good technique. The following questions are some criteria in judging the competence of a teacher in order of importance. 1. Do they have a proven track record of successful students? Can they give you referrals to these successful students? 2. Have they worked in other areas of education? Have they completed education classes in the college level? Have they worked in the school system or university system? Simply because a potential teacher attended music school does not necessarily mean they understand how to teach. Most university music programs (not including a music education program) do not require a degree candidate to complete education or pedagogy courses. 3. What kind of player is the teacher? Do they have professional accomplishments? Have they completed full length recordings or performed in professional performances? Have they been recognized in the field of music in some form (publishing, awards, teaching positions at institutions, etc...)? Music lessons are a substantial financial investment. A qualified teacher can make all the difference between success and failure. The Guitar Academy's Douglas Seth would be happy to answer these questions for you and discuss your musical goals. The Guitar Academy wants you to be our next success story!

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