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How to Prepare for an Online Guitar Lesson

Set the stage

Be sure you are in a well-lit room with your music stand, pencil, metronome, notepad, or anything else you might need during the lesson nearby.

Check your webcam position

Be sure your webcam is in a position where your teacher can see both of your hands, straight on without any strange angles from above or below the guitar. Your teacher can help you adjust the camera in a more advantageous position at the beginning of the lesson. This will allow you to enjoy the full rewards of having expert feedback.

Purchase an external microphone

Using an external microphone will greatly enhance the audio quality of your instrument during your lesson. These are relatively low-cost and well worth the investment. This will enable your teacher to provide you with accurate feedback about your playing.

Prepare a video before your lesson

Due to latency issues on almost all video platforms, a prepared video will greatly expedite the learning process. You will receive more accurate feedback and save lesson time if you upload a video of yourself playing your assignment.

Take notes during and after the lesson

Be ready to write in your music and notebook. Your teacher won't be there to write in important information like fingerings, dynamics, and phrasing. You will need to write down any practice strategies and advice in your notebook as well.

Online lessons can be an effective means of learning the guitar. However, it will require some extra effort and organization on the students' behalf to reap the full rewards.



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