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What Students Say

a distinctive classical guitar background

Excellent teaching and unsurpassed knowledge of the instrument and literature in the area. I would not send my son anywhere else.

Jeff Scott, Professional Music Educator

Bridgeville, DE


I have been a student of Doug's for several years now, and I feel so fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and experienced player as my guitar teacher. As a "forty-something" beginner who previously only dreamed of playing guitar, I appreciate Doug's expert advice and calm yet uncompromising instruction that have kept me motivated and progressing. He targets his teaching each week to help me refine my technique while staying true to the fundamentals of good guitar playing and practicing. 

Debbie Fees, Professional Educator

Seaford, DE

Doug is an excellent player and a teacher of rare ability.  He quickly diagnosed my technical problems and gave solutions that created lasting changes.  As a result, my technique is much more reliable and consistent.  He also molded my interpretive skills and opened my ears.  Doug is a sensitve instructor who understands how to meet a student where he is, and how to help people with a range of personalities, skill levels, and goals.  Being such an accomplished player, both in classical and popular guitar, and always expanding his knowledge and skills, he offers a wealth of knowledge.  Lastly, he is a good guy and a friend. 

Miguel de Maria, Professional Guitarist

Phoenix, AZ


For the past two years my daughter has been blessed with the opportunity of taking weekly guitar lessons with Doug Seth. I was impressed with his level of professionalism from our very first phone conversation during which he spent quite a bit of time with me explaining his expectations. I immediately realized that this was not someone who was just looking to acquire another student. I truly believe my daughter would not be playing as well as she is if she had another instructor. Honestly, she probably would have quit by now. With Doug’s guidance she has grown not only as a guitar student but as a life long learner. He has encouraged her to set goals and has given her so many tips on how to make the most of her practice time. She has learned how to persevere when a task gets tough. She has learned whenever she follows his advice she makes incredible strides. He sets the bar high for himself and his students. His expectations are high but realistic and he is constantly encouraging and motivating. Since I am not a musician, it is important for me that she knows what to do when she gets home. Doug always makes sure she is comfortable before she leaves his studio and has always been responsive when she needed help between lessons. I would highly recommend Doug Seth to anyone who is serious about learning guitar. You may find someone that is willing to charge you less for lessons but I don't think you will find someone who cares more about your student and their success.

Shawna McCormick, Parent

Millsboro, DE


Mr. Seth is a professional, encouraging, and wise instructor. His strict but helpful teaching has kept me playing at my best for two years. He is always professional whether we are playing serious classical pieces or just strumming chords. This helps students stay focused and able to progress forward during lessons while still enjoying the art of music. Mr. Seth is encouraging in setting goals and having thorough practice time. "Quality not quantity" is a phrase that he has used in some of my lessons. It has helped drive me to make every moment of my practice time count. Mr. Seth is wise in many ways always giving great tips and saying what needs to be said. This helps students like me thrive and not be stuck playing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” He always gives you the most out of your lesson with his encouraging, professional, and wise ways!

Dory McCormick, Student

Millsboro, DE



My son looks forward to his lessons every week. He started taking guitar lessons with Doug at the age of 9. In just over 2 years he has learned so much. It's a great pleasure to see my son learn and grow musically with the guitar. Doug is a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher, and is very patient with his young students. I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about wanting to learn to play acoustic or electric guitar, to take lessons from Doug Seth.

Michelle Layton, Parent
Bridgeville, DE

  • A reliable, properly educated instructor with many years of experience performing and educating all levels of students.


  • A challenging but approachable instructor that understands and tailors instruction to individual needs for accelerated development on the instrument.


  • Professional studio setting that’s comfortable, properly setup for efficient instruction, and without distractions.


  • Clear weekly goals after each lesson that, if followed, will quickly get you to next level in your guitar playing.


  • A good mix of classical pedagogy and innovative teaching techniques that maintains motivation by producing timely results.


It’s exciting to see my development continue an upward trend as I work with Doug each week.  In a short time I am able to see the instruction pay dividends. I now play with my wife at family functions and at area churches.  I know my future goal of playing for terminally ill patients will be accomplished by the first rate instruction I receive at Southern Delaware Guitar Academy.  We are fortunate to have this high level instruction on the Eastern Shore.

Bryan Mullins, Student

Salisbury, MD

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